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Spring at last?

It looks as though spring/summer has arrived at last and it's time to have a look at your life and think about where you want to be in the future and what needs changing. Is this the time to think about a change of career, taking that redundancy offer or planning early retirement? Think about what's important to you, what did you used to do as a child or young person which you really enjoyed, but has been abandoned in your adult life. Perhaps you enjoyed being out with nature, is this something which you  could re-create by joining a walking group, volu nteering to work with an environmental charity working outdoors, or growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Spring - time for planning changes.

Spring is in the air - time to plan.
We seem to have gone from summer to winter in a week, but hopefully will be back to spring in the next few days. When there is more sunshine, spring flowers and change is in the air it seems a good time to plan what you want to change in your life.
I was talking to somebody recently who said she never plans her life - and she was surprised when I said I always have plans for the next week, year, five years etc.  A fellow coach agreed with me and we were interested to find we'd both got into coaching through Eileen Mulligan's book 'Life Coaching - Change your life in 7 days'(1999 Judy Piatkus Publishers Ltd).


It’s January, the Christmas tree has gone, parties and turkey are a distant memory (apart from turkeys coming home to roost in the shape of bills and the bathroom scales!)
But on the other hand, there’s more daylight, it’s a new year and things can only improve. It’s tempting to write a list of resolutions – but do they really make a difference to your life?
Perhaps the answer is to have a vision of how you would like your life to be at the beginning of 2013 – or in 2018. You may find you want your life to change dramatically.

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Spring at last?
Spring - time for planning changes.
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