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You have finally arrived at your retirement party.  It has been thirty years since you first walked in the door and said hello to the bright eyed receptionist who is now about to replace you on the job.  You shake hands and say good luck to all the people you have called friends for the past twenty years. 

As you walk out the door you take one look back and realize that everyone is already back to work doing what they do each and every day.   Their life has already gone on without you.  You turn the handle and walk out the door for the very last time.

This is the first day of the rest of your life, are you prepared?

Retirement is not always an easy transition and it sometimes does not happen exactly  as you envisioned it, if you are not properly prepared it can be quite an overwhelming experience. 

How will you deal with this scenario?

A retirement life coach will help you plan ahead so that this type of situation does not reach up and grab you entirely by surprise. 

A life coach will help you to consider things like:

  • What is your personal vision of retirement? 
  • Do you have the financial means to achieve these goals?
  • What will happen if you are unable to fulfill this dream because of some life altering change?
  • Is it the same as your spouse?
Will you be spending time with family?
Traveling with your spouse?
Heading in a new direction?
Selling your home and moving into a smaller more manageable setting?

What is your proverbial plan “B.”

Retirement Life Coach, West London, UK
Each and everyone of us has a different vision of what our retirement will be like.   A retirement life coach will help individuals put their retirement vision into a realistic plan of action.

If you are considering retirement within the next fifteen years, then it is time for you to begin to build your own map to your future. 

Like anything else in life, planning is the best way to secure the future for yourself and your family.  There are always unforeseeable circumstances that arise in life.  You cannot always avoid them, however, if you have a plan of action, you may find a more effective way to deal with the situation.

When preparing your retirement map with your life coach you will address issues such as:

  • Concerns that you may have about the retirement process
  • Whether your goals and dreams match those of your spouse or partner and if not, how do you come to an acceptable compromise
  • What are your values and beliefs that will guide you and influence your final decisions
  • How can you make a positive transition into this new phase
  • How can you and your spouse maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • How can we achieve an active, happy and satisfying retirement

Your retirement life coach is a facilitator and objective partner who works with you to help you achieve your goals. He or she will offer suggestions on ways to set realistic time frames, goals and financial objectives.

Your life coach cannot live your life for you or achieve your goals, however they will encourage you on along the way.

Ultimately, whether or not you are truly successful depends upon how much effort you put into planning.  However, having a life coach beside you significantly increases your chances for success. 

Are you and your family worth taking that extra step and preparing for your future?

That is the first decision you will have to make on your journey towards retirement.

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