Christine Lees - Life Coach
Life Coaching Specialties
Ealing, Chiswick, Richmond Upon Thames, West London

Mid Life coaching that fosters lifestyle changes
Midlife does not have to be an unwelcome visitor. It can be the best time in a person's life and can open doors to new opportunities never before possible. I help my clients develop ways to cope with mid life so they have better control over their lives and their future. 

Life coaching that develops change
I help guide clients to see that changes in their circumstances can sometimes be an opportunity in disguise. Opportunities can often lead to other opportunities and provide clients with a different and more enjoyable lifestyle.
Change is something that many individuals seem to have a hard time coping with.  Learning proper ways to deal more readily with change can improve a person's entire outlook. This is achieved through life coaching that emphasizes on developing change.

Preparing individuals to lead a full and satisfying life with disabilities and chronic health problems
Many people have this misconception that a disability or chronic health problems means they can no longer do the things they used to.  The reality is; many people with disabilities and health issues lead normal productive lives.  Albeit, they may need to make some adjustments and alter the way that is done, the results are generally the same.

Technological advances in medicine and computers have provided people who have a disability with new jobs prospects, business opportunities and better access to education and public institutions.  I support my clients to enable them to achieve their personal goals.

Preparing individuals for retirement and redundancy
A major focus of my coaching is based on preparing individuals for retirement and redundancy.  Retirement can be a difficult time in an individuals life especially when they are suddenly forced into early retirement. Individuals are left to deal with more time and less money.  Boredom can lead to undesirable results.  I help clients focus and work towards developing a plan of action (both personal and financial) for retirement and redundancy so they are not left unprepared.
Performance coaching
Performance coaching enables people of all levels to improve their work skills and develop enjoyable and interesting careers.  It allows managers and employers to build better working relationships among peers and helps to develop group cohesion.
All of these things are achieved by using my unique life coaching techniques.  Some of these methods include:
  • Support and guidance
  • Use of tools and resources
  • Stress Management
  • Communication
  • Positive Affirmation
  • Self Awareness and Self Acceptance

Personal and professional life coach, specialising in retirement and redundancy life coaching in Chiswick, Richmond Upon Thames, Kew, Ealing, West London UK
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